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Julius Colwyn - On the Nature of Cities - Complexity - Human Systems
Julius Colwyn
Julius Colwyn
Julius Colwyn - Social Relativity - Complexity
Julius Colwyn - Meaning - Cellular Culture
Julius Colwyn - Meaning - Other than the Sum
Julius Colwyn Complexity Human Systems


   Installation // 2016                                                      

    Wood | Acrylic Glass

Julius Colwyn-Field of Conception- Interdisciplinary research
Julius Colwyn- Field of Conception- Index- Interdisciplinary Research.
Julius Colwyn - Meaning - Belief
Julius Colwyn

Aesthetic Experiment// Metaphor_Attention




That through visual evidence of conceptual metaphor [human society as organic structure] an understanding of the human being as part of a larger macrosocial organism can be cultivated. That internal depth, transparency and light can be used to capture attention and hold it on internal detail, often overlooked. 




Employing cellular structure, and the process of mitosis, as a gestalt grouping principle for depictions of the human form. Testing metaphor as enabler to conception.



Employing negative space and light as line, layered vertical planes and complimentary outlines to acheive a spatial recession. Testing capacity for patterned detail to hold attention. 




Attention drawn over large space, attention held for longer periods than previous works. Layers commonly perveived as indication of time as well as scale, mitosis not common knowledge, metaphor benefits from wider applicabilty.

Aesthetic Experiment// Synthesis




That previous experimentations, having been co ordinated through research into a decision making matrix of mutually supporting axioms, can be used to align the work to a particular aesthetic experience, that of sustained associative cognition. In this instance the chosen subject is the state of human being, as examined across scales and conceptual dimensions.  




Creating a nested hierarchy of metaphoric inferences, the state of human being is examined as a series of complex interrelated systems, the conceptual rubric follows the triadic structure of celtic metaphysics, flow, structure and consciousness. All of these nested within a sculptural metaphor of flow.  


The structure is self similar, low in internal contrast, and high in environmental contrast, various other axioms have been employed determining macroscopic form, as well as the organisation of microscopic detail, the metaphoric architecture, choice of materials, and spatial orientation. 




Pending exhibition. 

Aesthetic Experiment// Meaning Systems_Synthesis


Is there a Correlation between Spikes in Social Evolution and Interdisciplinary Culture?




That the work of several artists can be co-ordinated into a coherent system of enquiry, in both meaning and making, using set parameters to ensure that gestalt principles identify the collective research as a coherent whole.




Employing connective mark making, tonality and other visual mechanisms to direct viewers and participants through the space, both physical and conceptual. To test the limits of grouping principles. 


Employing events and discussions as semantic framing, guiding and informing the engagement with the work without reference to text. Testing the contextual impact of relational aesthetics on the interpretation of the piece.




Gestalt principles function even at the scale of the entire building, architectural form compliments and interacts with these principles. Social relativity provides emotive as well as conceptual context for interpretation, allowing for the intended aesthetic effect to be more precisely engineered.




   Installation // 2015                                                      

    Wood | Acetate | Metal | Light


   Residency Series - the CUBE London // 2015  

   Acetate | Wood | Polyfilm | Paper | Ink 


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