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In the approach to understanding things, is the process of making sense. Embedding perspectives or insights into an aesthetic format, processing information through execution. The areas of enquiry contain a variety of responses, writing, drawing, sculpture, installation. It aims to capture the conscious and emotive context, the way in which we understand as well as the thing to be understood. We can arrive abrupt and objective at comprehension, but often we are moved to it. 

¬ Complexity

Something other than the sum of its parts. 

Plugged into the network, 

Part of the swarm,

Warp and weft,

Cause and effect,

Causality and networked form. 

¬ Chaos

Ordered from disorder,

Patterns to permutations

The texture of change

Regular Irregularity,

Coincidence to consequence

Indefinite entropy.

¬ Organics

Growth and Decline

Branching and breaking 

Material, non mechanical making

Curation of matter through format

Permeable vessels 

Animate inanimate 



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